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24/7 Multi-Shift Chairs

Our 24/7 big & tall office chairs are rated for continuous, multi-shift use.  At Husky Office we understand that chairs in offices that are staffed by a 24-hour workforce never get a break and take quite a beating, and we’ve come up with our own 24/7 line of big & tall office chairs designed with the durability to get the job done!  The best of both worlds, these heavy-duty desk chairs provide comfort for bigger body frames as well as the durability to keep up with a demanding work environment.

To ensure they can stand up to years of heavy use, these heavy-duty desk chairs are made with quality materials and parts.  Each model features an indestructible base and tough wheel casters, and they’re upholstered in materials that won’t break down from frequent use.

Though built to be tough, our heavy-duty desk chairs are also designed to keep users comfortable.  At Husky Office we recognize a comfortable worker is a productive worker.  Sitting for long periods of time can be detrimental for your lower back.  24/7 big & tall office chairs are built with quality materials to ensure proper seating posture and spine alignment so no one has to spend another work day in discomfort again.  Whether your work shift is eight or twelve hours long, you’ll be sitting in comfort the entire time.  These Big & Tall office chairs come with a variety of features including high backs, armrests and adjustable lumbar support.  

We know functionality and comfort aren’t the only important features of a big & tall desk chair—it ought to look great too!  Not only are these 24-hour chairs functional, but they are also stylish. Our 24/7 collection includes both task computer chairs and executive office chairs, so whether you’re looking for a professional or more casual appearance, we have the 24/7 chair for you.  They feature sleek designs in your choice of color and upholstery.  Browse our collection of 24-hour office chairs below!

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