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24 Hour Operator Chairs

Operator chairs are used around the clock, so they need to hold up under 24 hour intensive use and need to keep operators comfortable.  Husky Office® offers a wide selection of 24 hour operator chairs that provide both the durability and comfort needed for a tough job.

Plant operators and control room operators are seated for incredibly long hours, which can put stress on the body.  Our operator chairs are designed with thick, comfy seats and many have ergonomic adjustments to accomodate various seating position preferences and body types.  Many of our 24 hours operator chairs have built in headrests to support the neck, which can often we a source of tension headaches.

In terms of durability, Husky Office® chairs are second to none.  With weight capacities starting at 300 LBs, we can accomodate operatores up to 800 LBS for 24 hour shifts.  We offer the strongest chairs in the industry and all of our 24 hour operator chairs are backed by impressive warranties to protect your investment.

We offer solutions for most budgets, in a "good, better, and best" fashion.  The Husky Office® line of 24/7 office chairs is an economical yet heavy duty option for operator chairs with an expected life-span of 2-3 years. Our mid-line OFM and Alera chairs are a mid-grade option that provides a bit better build and will last 5-10 years.  Husky Office's partnership with Concept Seating completes our lineup with the toughest 24 hour operator chairs on the market, virtually indestructible and designed for use over decades.

Our top picks for 24 hour operator chairs are below, but be sure to check out all of our 24/7 office chairs to find the perfect fit for your needs.

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