Buyer’s Guide to Big and Tall Chair Parts

When picking out your new captain’s seat, it’s important to know which features will actually fit your needs.

  • Adjustable Height - Standard issue among all big and tall office chairs, adjustable height simply allows you to raise or lower the seat level within a certain range. These systems are usually pneumatic (gas cylinder powered, operated by a lever).

  • Arms - Arms are not always a necessity, and can add to the chair’s price tag. It is more common to get a big and tall task chair or drafting stool without arms, as a lot of people skip the arms on these models

  • Adjustable Arms - If you do decide to go with arms, adjustable arms allow a more custom fit for your big and tall chair. Some arms will adjust by height, swivel, or depth, but in general, we suggest height as the most important. Be sure to check the description to know with adjustment you’re getting

  • Tilt - Allows you to lean back in the chair. A standard feature in most big and tall chair, but be sure to check for it, because it’s easy to notice when it’s missing.

  • Tilt Lock - If you have a tilt feature, this is a must. Tilt lock allows you to control the angle and limit of the tilt, and even lock it upright tilt lock

  • Infinite-Locking Tilt - An advanced version of tilt-lock, this allows you to lock the angle in any position, instead of just upright. These tend to be more expensive than a standard tilt lock, so only get one if it really appeals to you

  • Lumbar Support - Big and tall chairs typically typically offer built-in lower back support. back support

  • Adjustable Lumbar Support - Some big and tall chairs allow you to adjust the height and prominence of the lumbar support. This is an advanced feature that can definitely increase the comfort level of your chair, but we would not label it as critical.

  • Adjustable Seat Angle - This is similar to tilt, but the axis is where the seat meets the base of the chair. A nice features to have, but it is rare for it to be necessary

  • Adjustable Back Height - Allows the backrest to be independently adjusted from the seat of the chair. This features is not common, but is very nice to have for taller individuals. Often not necessary, as you can also look at a chair’s back dimensions

  • Metal Base - The strongest base available. While nylon and composite materials are nice, metal is ideal for big and tall chairs metal base

  • Swivel - A standard feature in all office chairs. Unless you’re purchasing a side/reception chair, most chairs will swivel