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Big & Tall Office Chairs Made in the USA

Husky Office is proud to offer big and tall office chairs made in the USA.  American made office chairs are leaps and bounds ahead of imported office chairs when it comes to quality.  While most other countries focus on producing low-cost chairs, American office chair manufacturers put quality at the forefront.  The American made big & tall office chairs that we offers are second to none in the heavy duty office chair industry.

Our Husky Office Elite® line of big and tall office chairs is manufactured in California by master craftsmen who have been manufacturing office chairs and luxury seating for the auto industry for over 50 years.  These industry professionals hand sew every piece of upholstery and oversee a highly exact manufacturing process to ensure that your office chair is second to none.

We also carry Concept Seating, another big & tall office chair brand that is made in the USA.  Located in Wisconsin, Concept Seating chairs are all made to order and similar to the Husky Office Elite chairs, are built by master craftsmen.

When should you consider an office chair that is made in the USA?  Whenever the focus is on durability and dependability, American made office chairs should always be on the table.  Of course, skilled American labor and premium materials come at a price, so big and tall office chairs that are made in the USA are often much more expensive than imported office chairs.  However, they'll generally have 5-10x the lifespan.

Organizations that need durability and understand the high turnover of imported office chairs are wise to consider our big and tall office chairs that are Made in the USA.  Especially in 24/7 environments, the long-lasting durability of American made office chairs can office cost less than replacing imported office chairs on an annual basis.  In the meantime, you'll offer better comfort and features to your staff as our USA made office chairs feature better padding and advanced mechanism to keep users comfortable during long shifts.

We encourage you to check out our collection of American made big & tall office chairs below.  If you have any questions, please reach out to our staff.  We look forward to serving you!

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