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Law Enforcement Office Chairs

The seating needs for law enforcement and military require specialized office chairs that can handle the demand of the day-to-day work environment of a police precinct or military base.  At Husky Office, our selection of durable and ergonomic Big & Tall chairs make them the perfect choice for military bases and police or fire stations.  We have outfitted many police stations & military buildings with our law enforcement chairs, and below are some of our most popular models. 

These dispatcher chairs have wider seats to accommodate police belts and uniforms, as well as people of all sizes: seats are available up to 25.5” wide.  With weight capacities ranging from 300 lbs. to 500 lbs., our Big & Tall dispatcher chairs are built to hold anyone and anything.  These 24/7 911 dispatch chairs are perfectly suitable for every tough work environment, as they’re constructed upon heavy duty steel bases and sturdy wheel casters and boast quality upholstery: either durable fabric, anti-bacterial vinyl, or professional leather.

An ergonomically-designed chair means a more comfortable and more productive worker, and a sturdy computer chair is absolutely essential for those working longer shifts.  Many of our chairs are designed for 24/7 multi-shift use, and have features like removable or flip up armrests to provide additional options for creating space.  Seats feature extra padding up to 5” thick to ensure that users stay comfortable through a long work day—and because they’re made with long-lasting, quality foam you can rest assured your office chairs’ seats won’t break down even when being used 24/7.  Some of our Big & Tall law enforcement chairs also feature adjustable lumbar support to promote good posture and reduce lower back aches and pains.

We carry dispatcher chairs backed by a range of warranty lengths - from 2 years to lifetime, depending on your facilities' needs.  Here at Husky Office, free shipping and free returns are offered on all our dispatch office furniture.

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