Husky Office® Essentials Big & Tall 400 lb Task Chair with Adjustable Arms & Tilt

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  • Over 23" Extra Wide Seat - 6" of Padding
  • Built-in Lumbar Support to Reduce Lower Back Strain
  • Adjustable Arm Rests and Tilt Function
  • Heavy Duty - Constructed to Hold Up to 400 LB
  • Great Choice for Law Enforcement, Military Bases, Industrial Companies, and More!
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Full Specifications

The Essentials seating collection is where quality meets value. This generously sized mesh task chair with adjustable arms features a breathable mesh back and durable sandwich mesh on the 6-inch thick seat, plus built-in lumbar support. It also offers simple and intuitive controls such as gas lift seat height adjustment and 360 degree swivel for added customizability and comfort. The padded arms also adjust to provide the best fit for your body. The comfort, stylish look, and price point of this Big and Tall desk chair make it a perfect addition to the office, whether at work or at home. This desk chair with adjustable arms meets or exceeds industry standards for safety and durability, and is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • Smart design: cooling, breathable mesh back and stain-resistant fabric seat
  • Adjustable-height arms: vertical positioning allows for added customization
  • Added ergonomic comfort: built-in lumbar support, tilt function and 6 inch thick padded seat
  • Increased durability: five-star metal base includes casters
  • 400 pound weight capacity
  • Arm Height: 24.50 - 28.25""
  • Back Size: 23" W x 29.50" H
  • Exterior Arm Width: 30.35"
  • Interior Arm Width: 22.50"
  • Overall Depth: 30.75"
  • Overall Height: 41" - 44.75"
  • Overall Width: 30.50"
  • Seat Height: 19.50" - 23.25"
  • Seat Size: 23.75" W x 23.25" D
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    1. 3 people found the following review helpful
      Mostly Great there are just a couple of things I would change



      Verified Purchase

      Lower back support bar keeps sliding down, I have to adjust it every time I sit down. And because I am taller I wish the seat would rise about 1 or 2 more inches.
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    2. 2 people found the following review helpful
      Ok, not great, feels cheaper than it is



      Verified Purchase

      I ordered this chair because I was tired of siting on chairs that were either too narrow for my hips, wouldn't maintain the height setting or had uncomfortable seats. I'm a 350 lb. guy which is about 50 lbs. more than the average office chair is designed for.

      So I got the chair and it was easy to assemble, and I had it ready to go in a relatively quick period of time. The base is stable and the casters are plenty strong.

      The seat is nice and wide, and I don't feel squeezed into the chair anymore. The downside is it's also very deep. I'm 6' tall but it's still difficult for me to sit with my back all the way against the seat back, so I often find myself sitting with my hips rolled back which makes my tailbone sore. An adjustment for the back to be able to slide forward a bit would be very useful here.

      The chair feels a bit wobbly, as there seems to be some play in the socket joint either where the gas piston attaches to the seat, or where it inserts into the base. I'm not certain which. The result is that there's play both side to side and back to front.

      The seat cushion is also a bit thin, and even though I'm comfortably under the weight limit for this chair, it feels hard like the padding is completely compressed.

      I do like the tilt feature, and I do feel stable even when reclined back. The adjustable arm rests are nice though it can be hard to be sure whether they're set level with each other, especially with the slight wobble in the chair making it hard to be sure if it's level at all..

      The chair creaks quite a bit, especially when tilting. I plan to check for loose bolts but I did tighten them pretty firmly when I assembled the chair, using the tools it came with. Maybe I need to go at them with my regular hand tools to get them tighter. That shouldn't be necessary when using the supplied tools. Or maybe they're plenty tight enough and my brand new office chair just creaks like it's 10 years old.

      The gas piston is plenty strong enough, and I haven't experienced any sagging on that.

      So in short:

      Good points:
      - The seat is quite wide
      - The recline feature is stable
      - The base is very sturdy
      - The gas piston supports me well.

      Bad points:
      - The chair feels wobbly
      - The chair creaks a lot, especially when reclining
      - The seat cushion feels thin
      - The seat depth is a bit too much for me and there's no adjustment to the back.

      So overall my review is mixed. The chair seems to be structurally what I've been looking for, but it's less comfortable than I had hoped. I'm still experiencing soreness in places I had hoped I wouldn't and overall it feels cheaper than it should. I have an old office chair that was going to be discarded at work that has slightly less width and a worn out cushion that is actually slightly more comfortable than this chair, but I don't use it because the gas piston won't hold me up and the arm rests aren't adjustable.
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