Knowledge Base

Husky Office is proud to offer a variety of resources for people in the market for their next heavy duty, or big and tall office chair.  Over the years, we've learned a thing or two about heavy duty seating, and we want to make this information available to you.  All of our knowledge base articles contain valuable information, as well as subsets of popular products that fit the content of the article, to guide you in your research.


Office Chairs for Heavy People  This is a common search term when people find us.  Whether you're a company, non-profit, government office, etc, you may have employees that are heavier and need supportive seating.  This article provides a quick overview about our office chairs that are designed for heavier people, and lists a subset of popular products that many customers searching for these solutions end up selecting.

Big & Tall Office Chair Buying Guide  A helpful guide written by one of our product professionals covering the features and specifications of big and tall office chairs.  It provides helpful tips when shopping for a big and tall office chair.

Big and Tall Office Chair Reviews  Researching reviews is a very important part of the shopping process.  We've aggregated a lot of reviews collected by Husky Office and other third parties in this article, as well as highlighted our best rated chairs.

Big and Tall Office Chairs Made in the USA  This article provides a background of brands and manufacturers that focus on American production.  When you're searching for the best in quality, you should always consider a Made in the USA office chair before you make your final choice.