We believe in product integrity, which is why Husky Office® offers complimentary warranty fulfillment on every product.

Product Warranties

Every product we offer is covered under a manufacturer's warranty. Warranty lengths depend on manufacturer and model. Unlike other dealers who will point you to the manufacturer, Husky Office offers complementary warranty fulfillment. If you are within your warranty period, simply contact us and we will file a warranty claim on your behalf. Easy as pie!

All Warranties:

  • Products are covered under normal use only. Products that have been mistreated, misused, or abused will not be eligible for warranty coverage.
  • Parts & Frame: Most office chairs are covered for replacement parts for the duration of the warranty. Exceptions are gas cylinders and other moving parts which may be covered for a shorter time frame. If any part of your item breaks or fails within the warranty coverage period, it is eligible to be replaced under warranty.
  • Upholstery: Normal surface wear from use is expected and is not covered. Abuse such as scrapes and punctures by sharp objects is also not covered. However, abnormal wear, rips on seams, and other clear upholstery defects are covered. Upholstery claims are usually evaluated on a case by case basis by the manufacturer.

Disclaimer: Husky Office does not offer direct warranties. Warranty claims outside of the 30 day return period are filed with the manufacturer on your behalf, and the manufacturer will either approve or deny a claim based on the request. Husky Office will do everything possible to get your claim approved, but the final decision will be made by the manufacturer. Our warranty fulfillment rate is over 99%, so rest assured we will do our best to make sure your warranty resolution is as smooth as possible.